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Enticed 3 ..... Prose Poem...(Second Voice)

A quick tug to open his belt is felt, ZZZZZzzip rings into my ear, as his zipper is pulled rapidly downward, the weight of his trousers hitting the kitchen floor is heard

Knees weaken as the mushroom tip of his manhood daps on the moisture clinging to my swollen lips,

My dew is slowly swirled on his manly tip, then its slid up and down my buttocks crack, intentionally slowly opening my crack up wider and wider which heats my loins up hotter and hotter

Heart flutters as my mind anticipate his hard mass entering from the back door position, my body tense as I feel the swollen head of his manhood press against my haven opening, my lungs groan in pain as his swell slowly stretches my vulva lips open wider, g

roans turn to moans as sensations of first penetration looms inside my loins

Lungs gasp loudly as the first inch of his massiveness enters my domain,

Stretching pain is quickly followed by pleasure pain as his massive girth stretches my lips further apart, as his round mushroom head paths the way for his long length,

After his length has slid half way inside my swollen folds, I whisper, "Hold still"...

His hips hesitate while the girth of his hardness pulsate against the tautness of my womb walls, A moan vibrates in my throat as surreal sensations rush into our loins,

A deep groan rattles in his chest, as the sensation of my tight walls enveloping around his girth crashes deep inside him

Hips ease backward, pushing his length into the depths of my womb,

As my hips slowly move forward, my womb stretch evermore...

Slowly back, then slowly forward,

Slowly back, then slowly forward, then I stop completely and let the vibrations of his pulsating meat soak into my womb walls,

A miniature eruption gives me a taste of what is too follow

Womb walls squeeze tighter,

which makes him moan, I glance back and watch his face grimace in ecstasy, then I precede back to slow gyrations of my hips

Hips gyrate faster,

His mass sinks deeper,

a quiet scream slips from my lungs ,

As the thick base of his hardness finishes the finale stretch of my womb opening

Faster my hips gyrate, slapping my butt against the waves of his stomach muscles

The sounds of moans and groans are joined by the sound of his balls slapping on my backside, as my slippery lubricate floods on his hardness flesh, my hips move quicker and smoother back and forth on his hard wide girth

Suddenly my hair is pulled back tightly,

Jerking my head backwards, a loud gasp flows past my open lips