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Penetrated ........ Prose Poem

Smooth, soft to the touch is its texture
Tall, wide, hard as a mountain is its under layer
Thrust, pressure, is the start
Inhale, then breath is held
Anomalous is the facial expression
Opened slowly like a flower on a hot summer day, is the beginning
Pressure, stretched is the feel
Tense, tight, are my muscles
Pain, pleasure, overwhelms my feelings
Erotic sensations, override my brain
Back arch from its rapture
Mouth opens, the sound of a gasp slips out, as my lungs exhale
Dig, sharp, are my red painted nails
Erotic, is its feel, as it slowly opens then fall into my pink domain
Penetrations, into one's domain is the action
Pure pleasure is the beginning
Soft moist to the touch
Pressure, pliable is the feel
Quick inhale fills the lungs
Arms muscles flex, back bow inward, buttocks tighten, stomach flattens as its harden flesh sinks deeper
Sharpen pain, pleasurable sensations run into one's brain
Wet, hot heat, velvet soft is the feel on ones inner texture
Resisting tightness, slickness, is felt on ones girth, as ones harden texture slides downward
Sensational feelings, overwhelms ones loins
First penetration of the night is the action
Complete feel of eroticism is the reaction
Blissful cumvulsions is the ending